Hawthorne: New Friend

I took a mushroom course once, and the instructor told us that he likes to think of mushrooms as friends: Every year you acquire a few more, and you always recognize your old friends. You don’t have to know every mushroom to safely eat them, but you can always add new friends.  

I think of plants like that, too. Here’s my new friend, the Hawthorne tree:

The blossoms really look like apple blossoms, but the leaves were different. This tree is at the Copley Community Orchard (shameless plug: you should join! They need new members. And it’s an awesome way to get out and be active in your community if you live in East Van. I’m not a member, because bees rule my life, but Liam is, and he loves it. And you get fruit. It’s great. Plug complete.)


Very beautiful, and loaded with blossoms. My (or someone else’s ) bees were foraging on it , but I couldn’t get a close enough look to see if they were getting pollen or nectar specifically.

Also, here’s an old friend, Maple blossoms: 


Many people are surprised to hear that Maple is a major nectar source, because the flowers are kind of pale green so they aren’t that noticeable, but maple trees get huge, and have tons of blossoms per tree.


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