Honey Release! & Bulk Honey Week Returns, Aug. 21-29


Our fresh crop of honey is ready! If you are already part of the honey hotline (our email list,  which we use to send out max. 2 emails per year), you will shortly receive detailed information on where and when (our house, this week).

Honey hotline sign-up

If you don’t want to sign up, check out the contact us tab, and shoot us an email; we’ll arrange for you to drop by.

Back by popular demand is Bulk Honey Week, whereby we have honey in a tank at home for a short period of time, and are able to fill your vessels! Bulk honey is priced at $15/kg.  Please note, you only need to bring your own jar if you wish to take advantage of the special bulk pricing.  We also have lots of pre-bottled honey.

Bulk: $15kg


$10/500g       $18/kg   $50/3kg pail

This year, we have 4 kinds on offer, based on where the hives were located: Hastings-Sunrise, Grandview, Trout Lake, and Mostly Blackberry (from our hives out in Surrey).  I think the honey in the bulk tank right now is Hastings-Sunrise.

See you soon!


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