Mid-Winter Buzz + Hastings Winter Farmers Market Dates


On top of Mt. Seymour

Although according to the calendar, winter has just begun, I think of it as half over already. For me, spring begins near the end of February, where usually we have days warm enough to be bee-days.   November through February are dormant months, where the bees don’t fly that much. They don’t hibernate, but their metabolic rate decreases, and they huddle together for warmth, like penguins, taking turns on the outside of the cluster.  They stay inside, eat their honey reserves, and on sunny days, occasionally make “cleansing flights” (where they poop.  Because it’s gross to poop inside the hive, right?!)


A pleasingly large winter cluster. It was about 4 or 5 degrees C.

We hibernate a bit too; rest a little before the bee season begins again.

Those of you who know us, know that usually the only way to get some of our honey is to personally intercept one of us…but, starting Sunday,  January 3 for the first time, we will be at the Hastings Winter Farmer’s Market!

We will also be there Jan. 10, February 21, March 6, and March 20th; but the market goes all winter.
The market is located on the PNE grounds, off of Renfrew, just north of Hastings.

Varieties we’ll have:
Trout Lake
Mostly Blackberry
East Van Dark

If you’re driving, there’s free parking on the PNE grounds but you need to say you’re there for the farmers market.

Happy New Year, hope it is a sweet one.

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