Beekeepers’ Anniversary

Some people like to celebrate their wedding anniversary with flowers, or a special dinner…

We, on the other hand, after pulling out the ol’ marriage certificate to confirm that the special day was, in, fact beginning in 20 minutes (“if only we had written the date down somewhere…wait!”), decided to celebrate by spending all day condensing our mating nucs into 5-frame boxes.  Let the good times roll!

Here, Liam celebrates wedded bliss  by pretending to smile directly after a wasp stung him under the fingernail (quote: this is what bee stings must feel like to normal people!). I gave him the heartfelt anniversary honor of allowing him to dig into a hive that had not been checked (not ever!) since a swarm in the yard colonized a stack of leaky equipment. That’s what love’s all about, folks…special gestures like that!

The super-intense robbing also made our day very special…we were both relieved to have left the pup at home, as she would not have appreciated so many danger sky-raisins.

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